Books and Other Resources for GATE Computer Science, Part – 1

Hello friends! I hope your preparation for GATE is going well. This is a long time after I wrote my last post. In this post, I am writing about the books and other resources that I had followed while preparing for GATE Computer Science and I hope it may be useful for you also. Most of my notes are based on these resources and these will help you a lot if you are referring my notes. This is not the only material to be followed for the preparation of GATE Computer Science. I encourage you to follow mainly those books that you like. It’s just a suggestive list for all those who usually ask me which books to refer for GATE Exam.

1. Mathematical Logic, Set Theory & Algebra, Combinatorics

There are mainly two books that I had referred to prepare for the above topics:

  • Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen
  • Discrete Mathematics by Seymour Lipschutz & Marc Lars Lipson

First book is enough for most of the topics. For other topics that are either missing in the first book or you want to read them from some other book to make the concepts clear, you may use the second book.

2. Linear Algebra, Permutation, Combination, Probability, Calculus

i. For Linear Algebra, it’s advisable to study the matrices portion from the “Engineering Mathematics” book that you had studied in your B.Tech 1st year. You can also study my notes and then try solving the problems given in the book or in previous year GATE papers.

ii. For Permutation, Combination & Probability, I would suggest you to watch the video lectures from Khan Academy website. These lectures are really very nice. After watching these lectures, you should try to solve the problems given in the 12th class mathematics book. You can also solve the problems given in the above two books for Discrete Mathematics. These are the links of the video tutorials from Khan Academy:

iii. For Calculus, solve all the examples given in the 12th class mathematics book. You don’t need to spend much time over this.

3. Numerical Methods

Usually one simple question is asked from this subject. It would be fine if you remember few formulas, their properties and  then practice to apply those formulas on some problems. There are  just 2-3 pages dedicated to this portion in my notes, in which I have written the formulas and their properties. You should practice to applying those formulas on some simple problems. You can also refer the following book for more details:

  • Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques by Manish Goyal

4. Graph Theory

In this subject, you are supposed to understand and remember all the results (Proofs and Lemmas). You can find most of those results in my notes. For detailed study, you can refer the following book:

  • Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science by Narsingh Deo

While studying, I recommend you to create the notes from whatever you have studied. It will help you later in revising.

PS: This is the end of the first part of my post on “Books and Resources for GATE Computer Science”. I will write the next part of this post within one week. Please keep checking my blog or like my page to get update about my next post. Thanks for giving your time in reading this post.

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  1. may I able to get soft copy for these books
    Please if books available then post I cant buy hard copy for each subject

    and your notes was nice but thode short mein jayda h

  2. the list of books you gave was for mathematics only. Please can u message list of books for other subjects as well.

  3. Namaste Ankur,
    This article is very nice and helpful, thanks alot for this.
    Could you please provide details about other subject as well.

    Best regards,

  4. u have organised a things in a very well manner…If u find something much more better, then please guide me .I m sure u would be interested to do. Thank u

  5. Plz suggest books for CSO covering exhaustive range of topics..for GATE 2014.
    Also guide me on how to revise subjects done 3-4 months back. I believe ‘revision is second to practice’.
    Thanks in adv.

  6. Dear ankur,

    Thanks for providing all the information and your notes for the GATE aspirants. You are doing a very commendable job.


    1. Can you send me this soft copy of last 10 years papers n solutions?
      Hopping for your favourable rply. Thank you.

  7. Hi Ankur Ji,

    I am GATE 2015 Aspirants But Due to Bad Financial Condition i am not able to Join any coaching Institute so can you help me with Good Study material of Computer Science.

    Kindly help me for this

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  8. Can you please provide a detailed suggestions of the books for all subjects that you referred other than maths that you have already provided. It will be of great help.

    1. Post
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  9. Sir any useful link for Electrical Engg students, which could provide me with some notes and a list of reference books & preparation strategy? 🙂

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  10. I dont wanna do coaching .i believe in self study so ankur sir can u please tell me good books of computer GATE subjects .so

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  11. sir..will u please give any mechanical engineering notes for me…from ur friends..I beg u to help me…please sir

  12. Hi Ankur,

    I am currently working in an MNC and fed up with my current work as there is scope of growth. I was always interested to pursue higher studies due to my personal interest in computer science but there were some family constraints. Now I want to take a chance to appear for GATE and crack it. Could you please help me to prepare smartly as I am not getting enough time for the preparation apart from my daily work.


  13. good evening sir…can you please tell me which is the best book for “C” programming for GATE exam preparation?

  14. Hi sir,
    Thank you very much for ur valuable suggestions.You are actually providing us a well laid path to reach our Gate destination.The books and resources that u specified are really very helpful.Especially I feel that video lectures from khan website are very helpful and make the subject so simple.
    I will be glad if u specify some books and resources for data structures and Algorithms.
    Looking eagerly for the next part of Book’s and resources for Gate.

  15. Sir, i have started preparing for GATE.As i’m doing my preparation myself,i am unable to pick which question bank should i refer.
    so could you suggest me one book that has quality of question w.r.t GATE standards.

    Thank You Sir

  16. Hello Ankur. Would you please post the second part of Books and Resources for GATE. That would help a lot.

  17. Hi, Could you please which author you have used for Engineering Maths and 12th ? What about the second part of the books and resources ?

  18. hi,
    i have finally got the permission to apply for gate 2015 exam.i am a (it)student and in these 4 years i have began to hate computers.but my parents want me to go for,can you please guide me on best of the best study materials which can be given to a beginner so that i can crack gate exam please.
    thanks in advance.

  19. SIR i m prepairing for GATE without asiistance of any oaching or teacher si need some suggestions from u in accordance to books which i should prefer as books u have describe above are good to those subjects but i think there are more subjects than u described above

    i will b very thankful to you if u gonna sort out this problem of mine

  20. thnk u so much really i was so confused but now i feeling well after check ur blog its realy so usefull ..ur notes are so workfull

  21. I really enjoyed reading this post, a big fan. Keep up the good work and please tell me when you can publish more articles or where I can read more on the subject.

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