GATE Computer Science Notes

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  1. Good job Ankur πŸ™‚
    I am also interested in sharing my knowledge related to GATE. I have compiled few videos of my own, i would request you to please watch and share your feedback. (

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  2. Sir, in TOC i feel difficulty in direct construction of DFA’S from R.E. Can u tell me how you dealt with this problem

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  3. Hey Ankur,

    Thanks a lot for adding these materials & reference books from which the notes was extracted πŸ™‚


  4. is there any notes available for ECE… i check ur notes and its really good, i need ece notes dude please help

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      Ye kisi coaching ke notes nahi hain. These are prepared by me from standard books. You can find the reference of the books on first page of notes. These are sufficient for GATE preparation, but for a really good rank, you need to study standard books and practice questions as much as possible.

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  5. my name is saikiran,i m economically poor,but from ur notes i can get some knowledge without going to coaching.thank you sir

  6. Sir
    Your notes are really gud….Maths is quite helping..Thanks a lot for the notes… will surely be halpful to the gate aspirants..

  7. Thanks a lot for providing study material. Your tips are really very helpful and yes thanks for the motivation as well.

  8. I am a 4th year Dual degree student in one of the IITs. I just need to pass GATE for the MTech scholarship. I think these notes are gonna be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

  9. I have completed BCA & MCA from SMU DDE (Directorate of Distance Education).
    Am I eligible for GATE Examination?
    Can I get admission in IITs?

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  10. sir
    i have 65.5 % in enigineering graduation.can i get iit through good gate score.please reply..i need a motivation from somewhere.

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    2. Hi Jincy,

      Motivation comes from self. If you think IIT as your dream, nothing, I really mean “NOTHING” can stop you achieving it. There is lots of material on the net, lots of books, lots of helping people like Ankur (who really bothers to answer a silly question “Why you multiplied that with 8?” which answer was “To convert the Bytes into bits” πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ )

      All you need is… Discipline and Determination and dedication. Thats my funda for success!!

  11. Thanks Mr.Ankur Gupta sir, with ur valuable resources providing for CSE GATE aspirants. It will be help for people who wants good AIR ranks.

  12. hi,i am currently working as assistant manager in state bank of india. i joined bank in 2012,and did my btech(CS) in 2010.

    i want to give gate 2015,because i joined bank for govt job,but now i dont want to continue in it. even if i score a good rank, will i be considered for admission in IIT/NIT??????

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  13. Thank you.. Thank you… Thank you.. Thank you… Soooo Much.!!!!

    Your notes are really very very very helpful…. Thanks a lot… No one help anybody in such a selfless way.. Keep this good work up.!
    It will inspire other people too.!
    It was aweso experience opting for the GATE for the first time!


  15. Sir At Present Iam doing Btech In Biotechnology,Iam in 2nd year at Nit,I want to do mtech in computer science,Is it possible for me to apper gate in computer science and do my Mtech in any IITs

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  16. Hey hi ankur, good to see that freely u r sharing your data…. well i am appearing for UGC…will those notes be enough atleast for starting?

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  17. Thank you so much for these notes.
    But we are not able to access “Database Management System” notes. What to do??

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  18. hello sir
    you have not provided complete notes of compiler contains only one chapter of it.Please give complete notes.

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  19. I am started preparing for gate.
    For Operating system, I am following Galvin.
    But I cant understand Process syncronization.
    Can you suggest me a book which gives clear idea about it.

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  20. Thanks, man.
    Got AIR 442 with just 1 week of study with your notes. I just wanted to qualify (I’m already studying IDD at an IIT and we’ve to clear GATE for stipend) but ended up with an unexpected rank.

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  21. hii sir i just want guidance regarding gate…
    i want to join mtech from a reputated college so that i can get placed on good package in companies.i dont have interest in research work…so which iit’s or nit’s are gud for such purpose

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  22. Thanks a ton Bhaiya πŸ™‚ and congrats !! you are doing a very very good job. I appeared in GATE this year , didnt got a good rank. I am going to appear in BITS Pilani Mtech entrance test. Is BITS Pilani a good college for Mtech.?? and what about the placements ? thanx in advance πŸ™‚

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  23. My Gate score is 599 in GATE 2014.Rank 1833. Could you please suggest which are the colleges I can get admission?

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  24. Hello Sir,
    I need to prepare for an interview for the post of a programmer, do u have some material related to technical interviews.???

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  25. Hi,

    I am 2010 CS passed out with 76%… I am currently working as a software engineer… I would like to join mtech in next year by cracking Gate 2015… Can you suggest me the important topics that we have to refer first??? Would you mind suggesting me a good gate coaching centre in Bangalore??

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  26. Hi, Your notes are a real good help for people like me who are working and attempting GATE and don’t have enough time to read the book.

    Thank you very much

  27. Hello sir
    i am studying computer organisation and architecture from iit lecture but they are not upto the point. please sir guide me on that and also provided the way on how to gather the stuff to get exact path.

  28. Hi Ankur,

    Is it a good idea to give Gate Exam for a different subject than your engineering subject? I mean if I did my BTech in Electronics and Communication is it possible and worthy to give GATE exam in CS (I am more interested in CS)?

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  29. Hi sir, You are doing a great job.. really your notes are helpful.. I attempted gate 2014 and ended up with air 5172.. I want to rewrite after seeing ur blog as u attempted twice.. I am really inspired.. its too difficult to concentrate on studies along with job.. But I consider u as a source of inspiration and try best this time.. bless me. Thanking you

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  30. Sir, I am a 4th semester student. I want to crack the gate. How I plan myself for it? And sir can you suggest me which study material I should follow? Hopping for your favourable reply. Thank you.

  31. Hi Ankur,

    I am a 2011 pass out…i have attempted Gate in 2013 and got AIR 1019 with score 658 in CS domain. I currently work in a SW company(well known one).
    I plan to do m-tech this year
    I have few questions:

    1. What colleges can I apply for ?
    2. To prepare for written test/interviews , what topics or subjects should be be prioritized? How well we should be having knowledge on the subject while an interview?

    Thanks in advance.

  32. Is it possible to prepare for Gate without any coaching? If so how? I want to appear for Gate 2015. I also work in a company.

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  33. sir, i gave gate in 2013 for 1st time in my final year of engineering ,i was not able to qualify i got just 20 marks and rank was 45000+.then i decided to write one gate more time with much more preparation but i was fail to do that because of my some personal problem related to love..i just study 1 & half month.i got 31 marks in gate 2014 with score 396 & rank 22302,my stream is Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE).But sir truly speaking i am very much interested to get inti IISc or iit ..sir plz tell me how i start my preparation??i want a rank within 100 . Is is possible for such type of student like me??? plz give me your reply…

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  34. One of the best places to prepare for GATE. Respect man ! Ankur Gupta you ROCK! Please keep updating this page. My younger brother is blessed by your notes. You are a perfect role model for any student. Very few would share one’s notes. Hats off. God bless you my man.

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  35. I really love the way you inspire people in their preparation and would like to thank you for it.I’m a third year student and would like attempt GATE next 7 months enough for the preparation?

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  36. thanks a lot sir………(You really have done a great job by providing such a wonderfull and complete notes to us)…..May god bless you and all your desire come true..


  37. Sir,How should I prepare for gate to get rank like u ?

    I did gave gate 2014 ,and ranked 3000,with the help of your notes .I want to try again,please help.

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  38. Hello, I had attempted GATE 2014. I am currently employed and i did not have time to go to any coaching class. I referred your notes and accurate solutions to previous papers. I am got selected in IITB for CS branch. I thought its not fair not to convey my gratitude for the help I received. So thank you, you helped me alot. πŸ™‚

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  39. Hello sir! i want to crack GATE 2015 to get into IIT Bombay so please give some tips. How should i prepare. Which subject should be given importance.

  40. Sir,

    Good Evening ….I am a graduate in 2013 amd I am working for a Software Company ….but my intention is to crack a GATE Seat this time. can you pls guide me out..

    what is the approach that I need to follow to grab a seat

  41. I am Trying for gate from last 3 year but this time a got a key, Thank a lot Boss for all this any help from my side please contact.


  42. hello sir ,Could you please exactly mention the important and main topics that we need to cover for GATE CSE software engineering subject.

  43. Hello sir.I attempted gate 2014 and got 1500.It was disapointng to me.I want to attempt GATE2015 because IIT is my ultimate goal.I am doing fulltime job now and i get 2 hrs, hardly,everyday to prepare.please guide me how to utilise this time.

  44. hello sir , i am student of btech cs 3rd year n i have suject -computer system architecture which i m not able to understand by moris mano plz do help !

  45. Hello sir, I am student of IT and I will be appearing for GATE 2015, and I need a bit of your help and guidance. I have already completed DSandDAA, OS and CN once-in-depth and I am currently doing DBMS, and your notes are doing great help. My problem is that I am not getting two subjects : TOC and Compiler Design. I was thinking to skip them as we don’t have these subjects in our BE syllabus and hence it gets tougher to directly learn something of GATE level. What should I do sir? Please guide me, I do want to go to IIT for my masters! Thank you…

  46. sir present I’m persuing my 4th I have been preparing for campus,besides my academics also.I’m taking coaching for GATE exam also. Sir please tell me how to manage the time for the preparation of Gate exam?

  47. Sir can u please suggest me a good book for data structures in c…where the syllabus for gate is covered with clear understanding too..

  48. sir please check question no. 2.22 of gate 2001
    according to me b and c options are correct
    it has been asked for mutual exclusion only
    and in peterson algo turn in providing the same
    thanx in advance sir

  49. hai…sir….please explain about mechanical engineering gate also…and how to prepare….pls.sir….and recommended notes if you have..sir..

  50. from where one should practice ‘Computer Organization and Architecture’ problems except previous gate problems?

  51. Thanks for the notes.. I want to ask one question…
    Did you give interview at IISC or got direct admission through counselling after becoming gate topper ?
    I am just curious about that

  52. hello sir, if i throughout your notes and solve previous year question papers then will i able to score good marks in GATE 2015 ? I am not going in any coaching..

  53. hello sir i had no attempted GATE exam. I am currently student in Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering college GZB, I did not have time to goto any coaching class ,sir some tips givme.thaks

  54. Hi ankur,

    i am not able to save or download notes from this websitess. It opens properlly in pdf, but i do not get option to save it.

  55. Consider a hard disk with 16 recording surfaces (0-15) having 16384 cylinders (0-16383) and each
    cylinder contains 64 sectors (0-63). Data storage capacity in each sector is 512 bytes. Data are
    organized cylinder-wise and the addressing format is . A file
    of size 42797 KB is stored in the disk and the starting disk location of the file is .
    What is the cylinder number of the last sector of the file, if it is stored in a contiguous manner?

    I read the your notes and refered some books but never found such type of related data

  56. Hello Sir, I am a B.Tech Final year student preparing for GATE 2015 and I find your notes very helpful. Brilliant job. Thank You Sir

  57. Hello sir ! I completed my MCA in 2012 from Bit mesra ranchi after that I am working as a assistant professor in st xaviers collage.this year I am appearing in gate xam plz guide I preapare for gate 2015 from last yr

  58. hello sir i have one question but for that i have to share my current situation .I am 2014 graduate and currently working in sopra group ( 3.5 lakh package). In 2014 gate year i got 1531 rank. And recently i started doing spoj ( competative programming). And i want a job in grade 1 company( adobe, amazon, google, fb etc). According to me only chance i have is campus placement as you will easily get a chance to sit in there drive, and for that i have to get admission in top 10 colleges .

    But only problem is that my percentage is 61 due to some reasons.
    so please tell me clearing gate is good option or not as i heard that all of these company have percentage criteria for also. Else i will concentrate on my job. Please provide me right suggestion

  59. Hi..
    Good work done ankur…do you have some more notes for I m preparing for UGC..or plz gv sm tips to clear this xam…

  60. Sir,
    I am working in a college.I have time to read in evening only. I wrote gate 2014. But my rank is 6600. Again I am interested to write exam. is it sufficient time for me to prepare for GATE? or should i quit the job for preparation?. Please give your suggestions and if possible tel me how many hours you took for preparation?


  61. Sir….i have join made easy cochng institute for gate preparation..sir i m very logically balance nd emotionally balance guy…will u tell me the best method for preparing gate …nd also ur contact no…..

  62. sir , please tell how did you practice computer networks numericals..
    I am having a tough time doing them πŸ™
    please reply sir.

  63. Thanks a lot Sir, for all your hard work and time.
    Notes are really helpful and amazing…
    I think i will be able to crack gate exam now

  64. Dear sir,
    Your notes are supbbb…..
    Its like a diwali gift for me. I m a poor background student and want to crack gate…these notes are really supbbb…..thanxxxxxxxxxx a lot …..

  65. Please share the notes by putting them on Google drive.People can just add folder to their drive.It will probably save lot of bandwidth for you and makes it easy to use for students also.

  66. Sir i have just started the preparation and don’t know from where to start….how can i knuckle down on mathematics…

  67. Hi
    Thankyou in advance for help. I am preparing for IBPS SO and I need notes on topics below.
    1. Data Base Management System (DBMS) – 15-20 Questions
    1. RDBMS
    2. Normalization
    3. Overview of SQL queries
    4. E- R Diagrams
    5. Transaction Management

    2. Data Communication & Networking – 10-15 Questions
    1. Network Architecture
    2. OSI Model
    3. TCP-IP Model
    4. Data Communication
    5. IP Addressing (Subnetting)

    3. Operating System – 4-5 Questions

    1. Process
    2. Thread
    3. Types of OS
    4. Semaphore
    5. Scheduling
    6. Dead Lock
    7. Memory Partitioning
    8. Page Replacement

    4. Computer organization + Hardware (Microprocessor ) – 4-5 Questions
    1. Bus Structure

    5. Network Security – 2 – 3 Questions
    1. Cyber Crimes
    2. Risk Management
    3. Firewall
    4. Cryptography

    6. Software Engineering – 2 – 3 Questions
    1. Software Development life cycle (SDLC)
    2. Software Development Models

    7. Data Structures – 3 – 4 Questions
    1. Array
    2. Linked List
    3. Stacks

    8. Web Technologies – 1-2 Questions
    1. HTML Tags
    2. XML
    3. Network Security

    9. Programming Languages (BASIC) – 1-2 Questions
    1. C, C++
    2. OOP (Objected oriented Programming)

  68. sir, i know its too late but can i join online test series for gate now before one month of xm.if it will help me or not??.what are the suitable forums??

  69. sir,
    i am indebth to you for providing such valuable concise information.
    very few people share their knowledge.
    i wish you all the very best for your career.
    you are truley a REAL SUCCESSFUL STUDENT.

    abhimanuyu sharma

  70. thank you sir
    I am preparing for UGC NET .
    I hope that these notes will help me a lot.
    if you have further any valuable guideline then suggest that too
    thank you once again.

  71. I have done MCA from Pune University. and Currently i ma working in a IT Company. I am planning to give the GATE 2016 . Is there any subject criteria (like you should have Maths in MCA). Will this help in betterment of my career . as i want to do from renowned institute.

  72. Hi Ankur,

    First of all, thanks a ton for providing your notes, as they helped me enormously in my preparations this time.

    I secured AIR 750 and have a GATE score of 750. What are my options w.r.t. the top notch IITs(if any) and IISc? I have read that MS in IIT Madras and M.Sc(Engg.) in IISc is a possibility in this rank. Would appreciate your inputs.

  73. Thank you so much sir..i want to join ur online test series for gate, so how can i join ur online test series? Plz tell me sir…

  74. Wish you lots of blessings and great thank you for sharing the important content with us !

    Can We get your Cell Number to speak to you ? We would be very happy to talk to you !

    Aditya Goel
    98100 37649

    1. Hello Thank you sir you always welcome for this type of notes in my mail id also in facebook I have done M.Sc.(I.T.) and prepare for gate in future you are welcome for any help

  75. i am very glad to see such a wonderful material.i am the asst prof.,i need to clear net/set., so pls send me some problem solving q/a in the above subjects if possible

  76. thanks ankur
    hopes these note help me to crack gate and net.
    for any help in java feel free to contact me

    Prashant tomer

  77. thank u so much for providing these notes
    i request you to provide data structures and Analysis of design and algorithm part in detail. and also provide us the notes in terms of programming

  78. Dear Sir,
    I must say that’s truly appreciable your efforts towards our support.That’s always been found privileged to be among the people like you.
    I have no such words to say you thanks.
    i am very much Thankful you!

    With Warm Regards
    Vikash Sharma

  79. Ankur, its really very useful to go through your notes.
    Thank u for ur great attempt.
    You have covered theory portion only.May also try explaining problems.

    Thank you

  80. Sir can u make me available notes for core instrumentation subjects which are transducr elec and elctronic measurement

  81. Friends anyone send me DBMS notes please.. I have downloaded 5 times but it is not opening in lap and also in mobile.. Please help me to study. this is my mail I’d.. Please send me as soon as possible..

  82. tahnk you so mch for being a great mentor by providing such excellent notes..they’ll be a great help.and thank u so much for boosting up the that we can start up our prepration with the help of these notes.

  83. hi, i try to download the 5. β€œComputer Organization and Architecture” 10.02MB file, but not able to open it is showing error like corrupted or not a pdf. pls fix it. waiting for reply thank you.

  84. sir,would you please suggest me any book for practice gate questions.i have trouble in finding good book for gate questions.

  85. I m from ece background but the i m going to attempt for gate as cs-it, as a self preparing , these notes are worth for me, thanks ankur….a great deal for us…

  86. sir the digital logic notes are incomplete ,there is no material for sequential circuits(counters,flip flops etc).Kindly have a look.

  87. Sir which book or source is best for verbal and numerical ability n shortcut trick for problem solving for Gate…..plz do rply

  88. sir the discrete maths and eng. maths link is not working.when i open it with adobe it says that the file is damaged.Please help with this

  89. Awesome notes …………….. Im preparing for research programmer course at IISC. It will help me to solve those problems

  90. Hello sir,

    Data Structures and Algorithms – i m not able to download the pdf , there is some problem in network everytime I click it. Can you repost it sir.


  91. Hi..ankur..just I was searching something…and I got your page..and find out are 2010 batch pass out from MIET the way..I am 2009 pass out..and you are doing a great job..really..proud on you..

  92. I like to know how a company working employee like me (MON-Fri 9 AM to 7PM) can do Study ? How You Managed between work and studies?

  93. Thank You Sir very very very very much for these NOTES. These are very useful for me. But one thing I want to know Sir that How to prepare for GATE? How to study these Notes and what will be the strategy to gain success in GATE or qualify in GATE? One thing more Sir, Can you give me your any contact information so that I can contact you and solve my other problems? Please Sir….

  94. That is really helpful.Thanks a lot Sir.
    Words can”t describe my thankfulness towards ur this indeed helpful contribution.

  95. hi Ankur,
    Can you please guide me, how I will start the preparation for gate 2017.currently, I am working In IT firm.
    Please explain the topics where I have to focus more.

  96. Ankur sir,

    Does it helps solving all the questions given in the standard textbooks like keneth Rosen or it is sufficient to practise from mock tests?

  97. Sir, the notes are great…however the only problem that i had was downloading them…the website doesn’t responds well…
    it would be great if you can look into it as i have only half of the notes..

  98. Hlo sir,
    I am 2nd year btech cse student.In my college teachers are referring to morris mano for CA but experts refer carl hamacher
    So is it good to refer morris mano for CA as it will help me in college as well as gate prep….or should i switch to hamacher

  99. sir, how to answer numerical type question in gate exam.
    suppose if the answer is 5 then 5 or 5.00 is correct.
    if the answer is 8.11222 then 8.11 or 8.2 is correct.
    please replay me sir.

  100. sir,
    In your operating system notes from page(44-52), is that thing now also in syllabus of gate. please tell me, i am in little confusion. thank you

  101. Sir, I want to ask whether your notes cover the entire GATE syllabus because the Digital logic notes finished very quickly.
    Also I want to ask whether your notes will provide me a good grasp over the GATE Syllabus?
    Kindly reply SIr.

  102. Sir , please help me I am struggling with subject computer organisation and can’t find any good free source to improve my skills in this subject for gate

  103. Hiee guyss
    If one want to learn the numericals part for Gate Architecture then he can search
    ” architecture gate notes”, “vijenkan”

    Those 2 videos will definetly gonna hlp u

  104. Nice work for poor student which are in remote area those can not attend regular classes in metro cities like Delhi etc .

  105. hello
    sir is these notes are enough to prepare for gate 2017,if not plz send complete notes to my mail ID
    thank you so much

    1. Please sir can you send mechanical engineering Subjects short notes if don’t have time to write all the subjects short notes if you have please send me Sir…..

  106. Sir I need notes related to gate agriculture engineering…..topics(soil and water conservation engineering, irrigation engineering, farm power and machinery engineering…..etc).sir can u please send it to my email account(

  107. tysm ankur sir ,u have done great job for us . much usefull notes for computer science get by your sites. plz also upload some NET computer science notes.

  108. Thank you.. Thank you… Thank you.. Thank you… Soooo Much.!!!!

    Your notes are really very very very helpful…. Thanks a lot… No one help anybody in such a selfless way.. Keep this good work up.!
    It will inspire other people too.!
    It was aweso experience opting for the GATE for the first time!

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