GATE 2009 CS Solution Keys

I have posted these solution keys here because all the books, available in the market, have lots of wrong solutions. Most of the students, like me, find themselves in dilemma and waste a lot of time in finding the correct keys. These solution keys are those which I had corrected while preparing for GATE Computer Science 2012 Exam. You will find most of these solution keys to be correct, except few for which I could not find the correct solution. Still I suggest you that please keep your mind open while using these keys.

GATE 2009 CS Solution Keys

 1.    A
2.    A
3.    B
4.    D
5.    B
6.    B
7.    C
8.    C
9.    A
10.   B
11.   A
12.   B
13.   B
14.   C
15.   C
16.   D
17.   B
18.   B
19.   A
20.   C
21.   B
22.   C
23.   D
24.   B
25.   D
26.   B
27.   A
28.   B
29.   D
30.   A
31.   B
32.   C
33.   A
34.   B
35.   A
36.   C
37.   B
38.   D
39.   B
40.   C
41.   C
42.   C
43.   B
44.   B
45.   D
46.   B
47.   B
48.   C
49.   C
50.   B
51.   C
52.   C
53.   C
54.   B
55.   A
56.   A
57.   A
58.   B
59.   C
60.   D

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  1. Please check the Q. 55 (CS 2009)related to supplier table.
    If we have a supplier supplying green parts,then the Query will not reflect his name,thus option A seems to be wrong.

    1. Sorry,the answer given in your key is correct,i.e. for Q 55,the answer is A only.Anyway thanks for your response and precious time.

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  2. Hello Ankur Sir, i am really thankful to you for guiding the students like me for the GATE preparation in such a wonderful manner. I have gone through each and every corner of the site. The facts are really amazing. But I belong to ECE. So, the main study material provided by you is obviously not of any use. Can you help in that? or if there is any other site similar to yours but related to ECE, i shall be very thankful to you. I know you will help me to yours best. So please……

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