Video Lecture on P, NP and NP-Completeness Problems

This is my small effort to make the topic NP-Completeness clear to students studying Design and Analysis of Algorithms or preparing for GATE Computer Science. Please use the following link to download the video lecture:


It’s in compressed zip format. Therefore first decompress it using some zip utility and then click on the file “Launch.exe” to watch the video.


Source: Wikipedia

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  1. followed the instruction as per given above but there is just a blank whiteboard with a right chat window pane. please point out the possible mistakes m doing.

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  2. in your lecture, you have told abt np, co-np problem using 3-cnf as example. there, when you say that a problem is np since there exists a soln that can be verifiable for the given problem statement, and it is co-np when no soln exist for the given problem domain.. so we say that both take exponential time.. am i correct?

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  3. Hi Sir,
    Gate papers solutions are really very helpful,becoz in most of the books the answers are not correct and they confuse a lot lot…….

    Sir plz provide the solutions for GATE 2006-Information Technology Paper.

    In your website,For the below papers,The hyperlink is not able to open,please provide the solution for those also,

    GATE 2012 Computer Science Paper
    GATE 2011 Computer Science Paper
    GATE 2010 Computer Science Paper

    Thanks a lot…….You r great…………..

  4. I think this topic is now removed from GATE syllabus. But anyways, it was nice to watch these lecture. It helped me in my college exams. Thanks.

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